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Margate, Kent

Reiki fact:

The practice of using Reiki energy to help the body's natural healing process began in Japan in 1922. Originally it was used by many midwives and parents and members of the Japanese Navy. Several of the original teachers the founder, Usui, certified were high-ranking naval officers and one was a prominent politician. They all saw the value of using Reiki in their everyday lives and work.

Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki brings the original understanding of this natural Japanese healing method to the West.

This simple yet powerful way to stimulate healing of the mind, body and soul works in harmony with us on all levels.

Sessions can help with:

  • Physical issues - from injuries, ailments or pain to more serious health conditions.

  • Psychological issues - from stress and anxiety to fears and phobias, even addictions like smoking

  • Spiritual issues - feelings of being 'lost', 'unworthy' or that something is missing in life.

Reiki fact:

One of Usui's most prominent teacher students, Chujiro Hayashi, was a doctor. He founded a clinic in Tokyo and used Reiki there to help his patients to heal. His students assisted him, often giving Reiki two at a time to one patient. The results spoke for themselves and were mentioned in several news articles in the 1930s.

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