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Can anyone learn Reiki?


Reiki is a natural part of life. It is not something only accessible to a special few.

Why do I need

training if it is natural?

Reiki is a natural energy that flows through us all as a natural part of the harmony of life. However, the stresses, strains and worries of life over time and generations has greatly restricted the flow.

During training you receive several 'Reiju' that Usui sensei discovered. This clears the clogged 'pipe' and allows the energy to flow much more freely.

The training is also needed to teach some comprehensive theory. This helps your treatments to be more effective. For example, you learn how to read where to put your hands and how long to keep them there to ensure the right places are receiving the most energy. You also learn about different physical issues and how to treat them most effectively.

What will I learn?

There are two practitioner levels in Jikiden Reiki.

The first is Shoden, where you learn everything you need to know to treat yourself and others physically.

You also learn first aid, a Japanese meditation technique to help the Reiki flow and a massage technique.

The second is Okuden, where you learn the powerful and effective method for treating psychological issues, addictions and habits you want to move through.

You also learn how to use Reiki to help people who are not physically present.

Why learn Reiki?

People learn for many different reasons including:

  • to help a family member with an illness

  • to help children with first aid and ailments

  • to keep themselves and loved ones healthy

  • to treat an ongoing injury

  • to help themselves or others cope with stress

  • to go deeper into the spiritual in life

  • to help ground and support themselves

  • to help reconnect with the 'tamashi' or soul

Reiki fact:

Usui sensei's memorial stone reads:

"The purpose of this Reiki method is not solely to cure diseases or serious illnesses. In today's rapidly changing society it can be challenging to maintain a peaceful heart and mind. The spread of this Reiki method would help enormously to stabilize society and calm people."

Jikiden Reiki Training

Helen Price offers Shoden level Jikiden Reiki trainings in Margate, Kent, several times a year. Please contact her to learn more about upcoming dates.

Helen offers her students the second level training - Okuden - by organising seminars with her teacher, Amanda Jayne.

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