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How many Reiki treatments will I need?

Injuries and minor ailments usually heal quickly and effectively with Reiki and may need only a few treatments.

More serious health conditions will need longer and more treatments. Usually the longer you have had a condition, the longer it will take to begin to clear from your system.

Stress and anxiety are often at the heart of a physical problem, so coming for Reiki treatments will help not only the symptoms, but the underlying cause as well.

Many people find that as they receive more Reiki treatments, they begin to gain valuable insight into the causes of the imbalance in their system.

There is no set number of treatments as each case is individual. After a couple of treatments it usually becomes clearer whether you are in need of short-term or longer-term support.

What happens in a Reiki treatment?

Jikiden Reiki treatments are like medicine for mind, body and spirit. They take place with you, the client, lying fully clothed on a couch. The practitioner then places his or her hands on areas of your body that are not working optimally. The practitioner has learned how to tell where they are.

Your body uses the energy however it is most needed, assisting it in coming back to balance, finding the health, peace and stillness at the heart of all of us.

Physically, it helps to eliminate the toxin build up that lies at the heart of disease, yet it helps restore balance mentally, physically and emotionally.

Remember the practitioner is not healing you, your body is. The practitioner is simply allowing the natural flow of energy to help in the way our distant ancestors once did. This is a natural process in harmony with the nature we are a part of.

How long is a Reiki treatment and how much does it cost?

Treatment times: 70 - 90 minutes, though it is possible to book a 60 minute treatment if you prefer. A longer treatment gives your body more chance to eliminate the toxins it needs to clear.

If you have a condition that requires a great deal of Reiki to help your body clear the toxins and come into balance, it is helpful to have two practitioners working on you at the same time. This is what Chujiro Hayashi did in his clinic in the 1930s.

I have a guide for prices but the cost of treatments are decided between us during our first phone conversation.

If you book a series of treatment sessions the cost per treatment reduces. We can discuss this after your initial treatment.

To book a treatment go to the contact page.

Reiki fact:

The Yamaguchi family, who have taught and used Reiki all their lives, are living proof of the value and effectiveness of Reiki. In the 1930s and 1940s they used it to help family members recover from TB, which was fatal in those days. They also used it successfully when young members of the family had serious injuries or illnesses.

Daily treatments were given to the seriously ill coming to them for help while once or twice weekly treatments were given to others until their recovery.

Can I receive distant Reiki treatments?

Yes, it is possible to receive Reiki via a distant treatment if you are not able to be physically present. Please contact Helen to discuss the possibilities and prices of this.

Can Jikiden Reiki help with psychological issues or addiction?

Yes, there is a specific type of treatment that can be used to help people with addictions such as smoking, drinking or eating too much sugar.

This method can also help those with anxiety, panic attacks or those wanting to move through a pattern or habit. For example, when a person cannot seem to stop being over-critical, stubborn, impatient or a person finding extreme anger emerging under certain circumstances.

This treatment helps to calm the issue but will also bring up whatever is causing the issue. Physical Reiki alongside the psychological method helps the person to deal with and let go of whatever is causing the problem. 

Please talk to Helen Price if you are interested in learning more about this method.

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