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Jikiden Reiki for...

Jikiden Reiki treatments have numerous benefits for the mind.


Based on the understanding that we are all part of the nature that surrounds us, Reiki was originally intended to help return us to our natural state of peaceful presence.

Jikiden Reiki helps to...

  • calm anxiety and stress

  • bring greater clarity and presence

  • reveal any emotions behind health conditions

  • connect with the 'knowledge' inside us

  • let go of unwanted habits or addictions

Reiki fact:

The word, 'Reiki' in a Japanese dictionary is often described as, "mysterious or miraculous energy that fills the forest". Usui sensei, the founder of Reiki, discovered the innate connection we all have to this energy by chance. Through research and experience, he went on to uncover the value of using the energy to help ourselves and those around us.

Jikiden Reiki for...


Jikiden Reiki has long been used to help people with minor ailments, injuries, illness and more serious health conditions.

It assists the natural healing process, enhancing your body's ability to eliminate toxins, boosting healing and bringing your system back into balance.

Jikiden Reiki can help with...

  • sports injuries, strains and sprains

  • conditions caused by stress & anxiety

  • back & neck problems

  • infections

  • digestive problems

  • women's health issues

  • serious health conditions

  • high blood pressure

  • any health condition

Reiki fact:

Usui sensei, the founder of Reiki, spent many months treating people who had been injured and lost their homes during the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. Most hospitals and health centres had been destroyed and the need was great. His efforts, and the significant effects of his Reiki work were formally recognised by the politicians of the day.

Jikiden Reiki for...


Originally, it was recognised in Japan that Reiki helps to connect us with the 'tamashi' or soul.

Receiving and giving Reiki helps you remember your 'tamashi' and connect to what you are here for. In other words it helps you reconnect with your zest and the things that inspire you in life.

As your body comes into greater balance and your mind calms, your soul can begin to breathe deeply. As a result, you start to experience yourself living in greater harmony with the flow of life. Fears lessen, trust broadens and we begin to see the spiritual in everyday life.

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