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"I really benefited from my sessions with her"

I've been to Helen for Reiki many times. She is hands down by far the best Reiki practitioner I've ever experienced! She is very professional, thorough in her consultation process, professional in her manner & to boot a lovely person. Her quality of energy work is very high indeed. I feel qualified in saying these things as I'm an experienced Holistic Therapist myself. I really benefited from my sessions with her. Thank you Helen, you are a blessing to all your lucky clients.

D Robbins

"Jikiden Reiki with Helen is a profound experience"

I’ve had Jikiden Reiki with Helen many times and the sessions have always been felt deeply on an energetic, emotional & physical level. They have often affected me in powerful ways both in the sessions and for days afterwards.

Helen is an expert in the Jikiden Reiki field, she lives her life by Jikiden Reiki principles and is walking her path as a true practitioner. Her love for people and helping others shines through while her understanding of what Jikiden Reiki is and how effective it can be is extensive. It is because of Helen that I started on my own Jikiden Reiki path as her passion and enthusiasm for this ancient healing technique was inspiring. Book in now - Jikiden Reiki with Helen is a profound experience.

K Welsford


Helen Price is a member of the Jikiden Reiki UK Association and abides by their code of ethics and rules of conduct

"There are not many like her"

I’ve known Helen for many years and been part of her Reiki journey from her decision to become a student to the present, where she’s become the most wonderful and giving healing channel and wise soul.

Her treatments are the best, very pure and coming from a place of love and care. Her insights are deep and accurate and it’s a privilege to be given a reiki session with her.

I can highly recommend Helen as a skilled, sensitive and effective reiki practitioner.

There are not many like her.

L Hynes

"I felt the serenity and balance for at least a week after"

I had a Reiki treatment with Helen who was very professional, caring and compassionate in her manner. This came through in the session as I felt very comfortable to fully relax and let her work with her wonderfully healing hands. I felt the serenity and balance for at least a week afterwards and would highly recommend her as a practitioner. She is genuinely gifted.

L Eastern

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